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Monday, September 21, 2015


"Ageless Cary Grant" 

Gehman, Richard
Good Housekeeping, September 1960, p. 64
A psychological look at Grant's personal life with the actor telling about his authorized experiments with LSD and the effect it has had on his life.
"Archie Leach"Grant, Cary
Ladies Home Journal, January/February 1963 (Part 1), March 1963 (Part 2), April 1963 (Part 3)
In these three articles, Grant goes into a great deal of personal recollection and introspection on his childhood, his attraction to show business, his personal life and his stardom.  Part I covers his childhood until he came to  America with the Pender Troupe.  Part II covers his early years working in New York City and offers his insights into several key people in his life.  Part III starts in 1922 and takes him through his early years in Hollywood and his psychiatric use of LSD.   Originally these articles were to have been written by Joe Hyams who sent the articles to Grant for approval.  Grant then rewrote the articles.  Hyam's by-line was removed and he and Grant split the $125,000 fee.

"At 62, Cary Grant Tells: Why I Waited Till Now to be a Father"

Jamieson, Rose
Photoplay, May 1966, p 57
Grant offers his theories on having children and comments on his leading ladies.

"Best Regards to Mr. Cary Grant"

Madcos, Rita
McCall's, August 1967, p. 62-63
A charming, fictional short story about one woman's wish to meet Cary Grant while in Germany filming I Was a Male Warbride.

"Billing Without Cooing"

Bart, PeterNew York TimesNovember 15, 1964
Article delves into the guidelines stars establish for their films' promotional material.

"Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn"

Look, December 17, 1963, p. 87
Photos of Grant and Hepburn from Charade and with other of his leading ladies with article about Grant's appearance in Washington D.C. when he was helping Bobby Kennedy's drive to stem school dropouts.  Cover Photo.

"Cary Grant: the Perennial Dreamboat in a New Role" 

Gordon, S.
Look, July 26, 1966, p. 70
A day in the life of Grant that emphasizes his love of baseball.
"Cary Grant"

Roman, Robert C.Films in Review, December 1961, p. 577-598
Typical career article with several dated inaccuracies such as listing his mother as dead.  Highly illustrated with film photos.

"Cary Grant: As His Best Friends (and Ex-friends) Know Him"

Davidson, MurielGood Housekeeping, November 1962, p. 80
Many good quotes in this article have found their way into books.  While Davidson has some of Grant's early biography muddled, the bulk of the article, with quotes from Grant's friends and acquaintances, is very enlightening.

"Cary Grant and the Widow He Wants to Make His Wife"

Owen, JasonPhotoplay, December 1969, p. 60
Narrative of Grant dating Clothilde Feldman, widow of the Hollywood agent turned producer Charles Feldman, during a Greater Los Angeles Press Club Charity Tennis Tournament.

"Cary Grant Can't Wait to Be a Father"

Rivers, NaomiPhotoplay, February 1965, p. 29
Grant offers his views on having and raising children.  The author also presents her views on the women with whom Grant has had relationships and might have had children.

"Cary Grant:  Confidential File"

Hamilton, SaraPhotoplay, April 1960, p. 52
Grant Comments on Suzy Parker and on how he enjoyed the preview of The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer.  This article also mentions that Betsy Drake was the author of the screenplay forHouseboat.

"Cary Grant: Dinner on His Bed"

Thyssen, Greta and Marilyn BeckPhotoplay, March 1962, p. 66
This question-and-answer interview with Greta Thyssen discusses what it's like to date Cary Grant.

"Cary Grant Turns Cop"

, December 10, 1965 

"Cary Insulted Me, Threatened Me, Hit Me!"

O'Brien, FredPhotoplay, June 1968, p. 14
Sensationalistic article centering on Dyan Cannon's testimony during her divorce proceedings.

Cary Grant - Showing His Age?

Screen Album; 1964

"Drugs and Cary Grant"

Graham, Don
Photoplay, August 1967, p. 38
Grant's bachelor-like lifestyle and his relationship with women is discussed along with his  psychotherapy which employed LSD.

"The Good Gray Grant"

Archer, EugeneNew York Times Encyclopedia of FilmAugust 22, 1965
A look at Grant's special appeal as an actor.

"Grant Quitting Films For a New Cary Face"

Buie, Judi
Dallas Morning News, September 11, 1969, p. 20A

"How a Star Fills a Director's Chair"

Business Weekly
, December 21, 1968, p. 92-94
Description of Grant's role within the Rayette-Faberge company and compares it with that of other business people/movie stars like Bob Hope, Art Linkletter and Polly Bergen.

"How Many Titles of These Cary Grant Movies Can You Name?"

Ladies Home Journal
, March 1963, p. 46
Game to match 14 photos from Grant's movies to the name of the film.  Placed in conjunction with Grant's autobiography in the same issue.
"Love -That's All Cary Every Thinks About!"Sheilah Graham
Motion Picture, June 1964; p. 58

"Mrs. Cary Grant Talks about Marrying and Divorcing Cary Grant"

Battelle, P.Ladies Home JournalApril 1968, p. 106
Grant's fourth wife, Dyan Cannon, addresses her marriage to Grant, its dissolution, and how she is resuming her life and career.

"New Look of Cary Grant"

Good Housekeeping
, January 1965, p. 44
"Old Cary Grant Fine"Time, July 27, 1962, p. 40
A look at the personal side of Grant with emphasis on his economic standing, his off-stage life, his years with Betsy Drake and his minimal number of friends.

"The Pleasure of His Company"

Benson, SheilaLos Angeles Times, January 15, 1964, Section C, p. 17
A tribute to Cary Grant on  his  80th birthday.  Notes the writings of Thomson and Kael and offers a view of what makes  Grant special.

"The Richest Man in the World"

Screen Album, August 1963; p. 36

"To the Sexiest Sixty-Year-Old in the World we say … 
Happy Birthday Cary"

Lyle, Jae
Photoplay, February 1964, p. 43
Extensive discussion on Grant's use of LSD.

"To Catch a Star"

Levy, Robert
Dun's Review, September 1968, p. 90-92
Discusses Grant's new job as marketing consultant for Rayette Faberge.

"The Tragic Love Story of the World's Most Attractive Man"

Carole Robbins
Modern Screen, May 1967, p. 52

"Unlikely Role for Hairy Cary"

, December 18, 1964, p. 99
Photos from Father Goose.

"Until Wealth Do Us Part"

Ace,  G.Saturday ReviewSeptember 23, 1967 p.10
Column is a "fictional" account of the author's imagined conversation between Dyan Cannon and Grant about the causes of their divorce.

"What It Means to be a Star"

Grant, Cary
Films and Filming, July 1961, p. 12-13
After a brief biography, Grant spends the rest of the article imparting his philosophies on life and entertainment.


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